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Reservation Terms and conditions

1. Payment Reservation

(a) Customer pays a Refundable Retainer to reserve a puppy of $250.00

(b) Retainer is deducted from total purchase price

2. Reservation Duration

(a) Reservation is valid for 5 days from time payment is received.

(b) Failure to complete the purchase within the specified time cancels the reservation

3. Refund Policy

(a)Retainer is refundable except in certain circumstances (chapter 4 sub A/B)

(b) If the customer decides not to proceed with the purchase within the 8-hour reservation period, the said retainer is non-refundable.

4. Exceptions for Refund

(a) If the seller can not provide the reserved pet due to unforseen circumstances, the retainer is refundable.

(b) Seller will notify the client in writing and initiate the refund process.

5. Transferability and Assignment

(a) Retainer is non-transferable and can not be assigned to another person, pet, or transaction.

(b) It is solely for reserving the specified pet.

6. Completion of Purchase

(a) Customer must make the purchase within the specified time frame.

(b) Remaining balance after deducting the retianer must be paid in full before or at the time of product delivery or pick up.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

(a) These terms are governed by the laws of Texas

(b) Any disputes will be subject to the exclusive Jurisdiction pf Harris County

[ ] By paying the retainer, the customer acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions.


  • Please put the SKU number for the puppy that you would like to make the reservation for in the Puppy SKU code Box.

    ●SKU # is located in the puppies profile.

    ●Each puppy has their own individual SKU Code.

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